Measuring Up

We love making dog outfits and accessories and most of our clients work with us via correspondence.


So to make the garments work really well we need accurate measurements.


To get a great fit for your dog's clothing it's important to measure your dog correctly.

PLEASE measure FIRMLY but not too tightly. We will make the adjustments to make sure all garments are comfortable.

Please refer to the diagram to measure as suggested.

(Don't worry we can work in centimetres as well as inches.)

The are the basic measurements needed for most garments:

Head: Around the head - under the jaw near the neck and in front of the ears.

Neck: measure around the neck at the base of the neck.

Chest: Around the body just behind the front legs.

Tummy: Around the back waist towards the back leg. This should be the narrowest part of the body and usually smaller than the chest in adults.

Back: From the base of the neck to the start of the tail.

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